No car model produced by the Karmann Company is as rememberable as the Karmann Ghia type 14. The Karmann Ghia type 14 is produced for 19 years, a fairly long lifetime for such remarkable car model.

The production of this car begins in August 1955 and ended in 1974. During this time, the type 14 Karmann Ghia got many minor changes throughout the years. Newer motors, new safety measures, etc.


the design


The first discussions for a coupé based on a VW Beetle base took place in 1951 between the Volkswagen director Heinrich Nordhoff and Willhelm Karmann. The fist designs were made by the Karmann Comany in Osnabrück, Germany. One of these designs was a sketch for a two-seater, which later evolved to the first Karmann Ghia.

In cooperation with the Italian Ghia styling studio in Turin, a first prototype was produced in Italy and shipped to France where Wilhelm Karmann saw the car for the first time. Soon the Volkswagen director was introduced to the car and the decision to build the "Karmann Ghia" was made in a very short time.




Due to the distinctive, organic shaped lines of the Karmann Ghia, it took almost two years to get the car in mass production. This preparation of the production was made in close cooperation between the Karmann Company and Volkswagen.

The actual presentation of the production model to the public was in 1955.

The production of the car started in August 1955.
The first models had a 30HP air-cooled flat 4-cyl. engine taken from the Beetle model. The base of the car was a modified Volkswagen Beetle base to which the bodywork of the Karmann Ghia is bolted on.

The price of a Karmann Ghia at introduction was set to 7.500 DM.


In 1956 the 10.000th Karmann Ghia is produced on 22nd October 1956. This is just 14 months after the introduction in 1955.

In 1957 the Karmann Ghia convertible is introduced at the 38th International Motor Show in Frankfurt and the production started at the 1st of November of that year. The price for this convertible is jus 750 DM more than de coupé model.

During its production life, the design slightly changed with the years, mostly due to changes in security demands.

The production of the Karmann Ghia type 14 ended at the 31st of July, 1974.


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