Below you can find an overview of the restauration so far. This overview gives us a global view. A few restauration phases are picked out for some detail:


Immediately after buying the car the car was temporarily placed at my parents place. After stripping the car, the car was waiting under a sheet of plastic for the next step in restoration.


stripping the car


During a several evenings and Saturdays every part of the car was stripped from the car and stored in my parents garage. The roof of the car was in a poor condition. Carefully the roof was disassembled.

The rubber parts are stored in a dark place and the first parts were treated with a steel brush.
In addition, the restoration of small parts like trimming and rusty parts of the roof construction began.


body lift


We are now at the point of the body lift. Because of the poor condition of the lower parts of the car the need of a boy lift was clear. A lot of welding has to be done.

Before the body lift can take place, a support construction has to be made. This construction has to ensure the structural integrity of the car.

Update 17 nov. 2001: Today the support construction is welded and bolted to the body of the Karmann Ghia. Only 2 extra bold holes were needed to fasten the support construction to the car.
Soon you can find some photographs here! Next week: de lift...

support construction, more pictures mail to




When stripping the care we discovered that the left floor pan was in a very poor condition. There was rust everywhere. The left half has to be replaced, the right half was in a better shape.

The left floor pan is already in our collection of spare parts...

As soon as we begin with this job I will put some photographs of the welding process.


the brakes


The braking system has to be replaced entirely. The braking lines to the rear is broken and the main brake cylinder is totally rusted and stuck. After restoring the floor pans the braking system will be put in again with a complete new set.

Update 19 okt. 2001: We disassembled the front brakes. The disassembling of the brakes went well and fast. The disks seem to be new.


engine and transmission


The engine of the car, a 1600cc with 50Bhp was tested by a little bit of petrol and start the engine. We were surprised, the engine started even after 20 years in the second attempt. The engine seems to be in a fresh condition. The transmission is not tested yet!


more soon...


Soon more parts of the restoration process will be presented here!


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