Before getting to perhaps the most important step in the restauration of this Karmann Ghia is the bodylift. The body will be seperated from the chassis to get some room to weld and repair all bad parts of the car. Before we got to this point we totally stripped the car and welded a support construction in the car.


losen the body


Before being able to lift the body from the chassis, about 20 bolds had to be removed from under the car. A few broke, but only one had to be removed by brute force. Beside these number of bods there were a few in the front of the car and behind the back seat. At last we discovered 2 bolds in the aera of the rear suspension:




The body of the car was to heavy for the two of us and the sealing between the body and the chassis didn't help. Therefore we used some bigger equipment:


still stuck


When lifting the body gently, only the left half of the body of the car came lose from the chassis. After some examination we found out that the right rocker was welded to the chassis. We had to cut it lose:


the lift part 2


After the cutting proces the body went off easily with this result:

The support construction hold well, no movement could be seen in the body during the lift.




To be able to move the body to a temperarely storing place (first thin to do is restauration of the chassis), we created a support vihicle:


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