Like many other old-timers, my own Karmann Ghia has a pretty long history. Thanks to the information on the German Kraftzeugsbrief, we can describe a large part of the history of the car. Below you can find the known history of this car. We go from present into the past.


summer 2001 - buying the car


There it was, on a parking place at my work: a white Karmann Ghia coupé. One of the employees of a company in our office building was the happy driver of this car. The car had its well-known weak points (some rust on known parts of the car).
Getting more and more interested, I searched the internet and some literature. Something became clear: i had to drive such a car one day!

On the Internet, I ran into an ad of a '71 Karmann Ghia convertible. A late model, German car. The car was nice; it was a car for restoration. I used to sniff around in the garage of my father, but restoring a car is something different.

I wanted to see the car. There he was, in a barn behind a garage. The car was in a bad shape. It would take a large effort in restoring the car in it's original state.

I took some photographs and I went to my father, which technical background could force a decision. His first reaction: 'Don't do this, but a nice car it is...'.
After asking him once more, my father also took a look at the car, but after taking a handful of rust from the fenders, he said: 'don't do it, years of work.

The Karmann Ghia stole my heart. I kept on looking for a nice car. After some searching on the internet, I found a convertible in Belgium. The pictures of the car showed an even worse state than the fist car I encountered. I asked for the price. It was the double of the car i fist encountered, and at the first looks it was in a terrible state.
After visiting a company in Hengelo, in the east of the Netherlands, I realized that the car which I first found wasn't that bad after all.
We talked about the price and there was the deal! I bought my Karmann Ghia Convertible...
I'm sorry, there are no photographs of the transport.


no tarmac for 20 years...


The car came with the original German license papers. In those papers i discovered that the car didn't saw tarmac since 20 years. The last known hiding place of the car was near Koblenz, Germany.

Somebody tried to 'rescue' the car, with a lot of glassfibre and plaster:

The car isn't treated with great respect. This will slow down the restoration. Put-over-sheets, under it: totally rusted sheets of metal.


did the car drive?


The car has driven the roads of Germany, that is a clear thing. There were at least six owners of this car. They all lived near the city of Koblenz.




To get some more detailed information other than the 'Kraftwagenbrief' of the car I asked Volkswagen to send more information based on the chassis number.
How you can do this, you can find here.

They send me this document: Fahrzeug Identitats-Urkunde der Stiftung AutoMuseum Volkswagen. Then I knew what the birthday of my Karmann Ghia was: 29 september 1971.


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